Atlantis: Dubai’s Underwater Hotel

Atlantis Dubai is a huge tourist hotel located in Dubai, opened in a huge and impressive ceremony at a cost of U.S. $ 20 million at November 20, 2008, a project of the South African businessman Sol Cairns. The hotel is located on Palm Jumeirah at the checkpoint north of the island. Can be reached through a tunnel under the water on the railway line. Costs of up to 1.200 million.

Hotel is a form of online bridge towers, the hotel has 1.539 room, the most expensive suite by the dining table with 18 seats, located above the central arch of the building cost approximately $ 25,000 per day. Most restaurants with Michelin stars. Also includes the aquarium and a variety of other recreational facilities, guests can swim with dolphins training. Treasures, debris and other things (artificial) belonging to the legendary sunken continent of Atlantis can be seen from under the water through roads and yards and behind the glass, which is a for tunnels and underground passages.

A boutique hotel it ain’t
The 1,539-room, situated on the The Palm, an artficial sand island shaped like a palm tree.


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