Felix Baumgartner broke the sipped of sound – World’s biggest jump فيلكس بومجارتنر قفزة حرة بكسر حاجز الصوت وأربع أرقام قياسية


Red Bull Stratos, a project five years in the making, will finally take flight today. Skydiver Felix Baumgartner will fall from near-space about 23 miles above the Earth’s surface, breaking the speed of sound in the process. He will be the first free-falling human to break the sound barrier. Baumgartner will also collect three other world records: highest manned balloon flight, highest altitude jump (both will be 120,000 feet) and longest time in free fall (about five-and-a-half minutes).

The team’s plan to launch this week has been delayed by windy conditions, but the team hopes today will be the day. Follow our live updates below by refreshing your browser; all times are EST.


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