Palestinian Revolutionary and Resistance Fighter Moheba Khorsheed

Moheba Khorsheed (مهيبة خورشيد) was the co-founder, with her sisterArabiya Khorsheed (عربية خورشيد),of the first ever Palestinian Women Armed Resistance Organization ”The Chrysanths Flower” (زهرة الاقحوان) in 1948. The organization started at first as a social community organization promoting women and human rights in Palestine, providing support for palestinian students who could not afford education, and promoting religious unity. However, in 1948 the group evolved into an Armed Resistance Organization against the newly born Israeli Occupation and illegal Settlement..Resistance fighters from around Palestine and Sinai joined the group afterwards, such as: Yusra Al Barbari يسرى البربري, Yusra Toqan يسرى طوقان, Adela Fatyri عادلة فطايرى, and Fatima Abu Alhuda فاطمة أبو الهدى.

If you are interested, Historian Taher Adeeb wrote in some detail about Moheeba and her sister Arabiya in his book: عائلات و شخصيات من يافا و قضائها


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