Happiness’ vs ‘Satisfaction

What makes a person happy? What makes him feel satisfied? 

Will he experience satisfaction even if he is not happy, or will he find happiness even if his wants and needs are not satisfied?

We all search for things that will make us happy, and we have wants that need to be satisfied. What is ‘happiness’ and what is ‘satisfaction’? Do they always go together, or is their fulfillment separate from each other?

‘Happiness’ is defined as both a state of mind and an emotion. Man can choose to be happy. It is relevant to note that even people who are poor can be happy despite the fact that not all their needs are met, even the most basic ones.

‘Satisfaction,’ on the other hand, is the state wherein your desires are met. You will find it in the possession and enjoyment of things that you desire. In effect, it, too, is a state of mind wherein you find contentment knowing that your demands and desires are made possible.

Meeting the desires of your heart and the demands of your needs will not necessarily make you happy despite the fact that you will never want for anything when you are satisfied.

Everything actually depends on your beliefs. If you see poverty as a blessing rather than a curse and be content with what you have, then your chances of being happy are greater than the person who sees material things as a necessity in life.

They will never feel happy unless all their desires are fulfilled which is next to impossible since man’s needs, wants, and desires will never stop at the fulfillment of each one.
To be happy, one has to find himself first and know who he is and what he wants to be. Then he will be able to discover the things that really matter to him and which would give him satisfaction.

Positive psychologists state that there are three kinds of happiness:

Pleasure, which is a positive sensory experience.

Engagement, which can involve one’s family, work, hobbies, and romance.

Meaning, which is the use of one’s strengths to serve a purpose in life.

Happiness Equation: U = I – R


1. Happiness is a state of mind while satisfaction is the absence of want.

2. Happiness is an emotion while satisfaction is not.

3. Although both happiness and satisfaction can go together, one can be happy even if his wants are not met while he can be satisfied without necessarily being happy.

4. Being happy or satisfied depends largely on a person’s beliefs, especially religious ones, which give his life a purpose. When he has done his share, he will feel satisfied and happy.

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